The Mamalode Podcast Episode 2, Amy Pence-Brown

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Episode 2 of the Mamalode Podcast featuring Amy Pence-Brown was released this week!

Mamalode sat down (via Skype) with Amy in late March as she prepared to speak at TEDx Boise. It was the first podcast we've done via Skype, and we are delighted at the result.

Amy Pence-Brown is a writer, artist and body image activist in Boise, Idaho who has written numerous times for Mamalode — in print and online. In this episode, she reads her essay, A Love Letter to 226 Pounds which first ran on on October 20, 2014. Since then, Amy has been busy taking her message of self-love and body positivity to a huge audience. In August 2015, she took a Stand For Self-Love in the Capitol City Farmer's Market in Boise.

You can learn more about Amy on her website

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This episode of the Mamalode Podcast was produced by Leland Buck and Johanna Bernhard.

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